Gotta love dem haters

18 Oct


I received my first hate mail last night. And I’ve gotta say, dear reader, that I am proud.

Of all the dubious achievements in my life, this one is right up there… I mean, two separate messages from two distinct individuals, just about two minutes apart, both calling for my brutal rodgering specifically by Nigerian nationals? Golly gosh!

So this post goes out to my haters, the lovely ‘Tina’ and ‘Trombone Player’ (or I suspect, ‘Tina the Trombone Player’. Seriously – I appreciate the effort but please make sure any future writings aren’t almost identical).

Thank you – along with freaking me out quite a bit, you have helped me reach an important writer’s milestone.

Sadly, I could not approve your comments due to their graphic (but creative! Thank you!) content.

Here’s an abridged version – ‘Get off your high horse, you stupid bitch. Blah blah blah nasty experience featuring manparts the size of entire midget men bleep bleep bleep I hate you.’

Sigh… Are you a real porn star, I wonder? If so, you just proved the previous articles point. Mainly that porn leaves no room to be a lady.

I may be a bitch, but karma’s gonna be way worse, Tina…


2 Responses to “Gotta love dem haters”

  1. bronxboy55 October 21, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    I’m sorry that your brand new blog has already attracted some unpleasantness. I also wanted to reassure you, in case you’re feeling a little unsteady, that most bloggers are wonderful people who support and encourage each other. I’d be happy to introduce you to a few of them, if you’d like. Either way, keep writing!


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