If you’re paying for your photos, you’re not a real model.

4 Jun

I have about 4 girls on Facebook I no longer recognise.

I think it’s because they think they became Models.

You see, social media has made it possible for any old Perv with tattoos and a camera to regard himself a photographer, and any hot young thang with a big enough slut factor to regard herself a model.

This irks me. Don’t these girls realise that (some) people on Facebook know what they really look like? And that these people would really like to enjoy posting their status updates without having to stare at photoshopped tits? I guess they know, but don’t care. You know the type – come hither lashes, the lastest La Senza, too much pout.

 Your future husband doesn’t want the whole world seeing this

Maybe I’m missing something major, but it seems to me that these girls are doing little more than providing some home-use Hustler for cheapskate old men. What baffles me is that they do this with such enthusiasm.

The fact that most of these “Models” have more than 1000 friends leads me to believe that they know exactly what they’re doing – these girls use Facebook as a portfolio, and given the conspicuous absence of real modeling pics, raw attention from strange men seems to be enough reward. Then again, maybe they’re just hella optimistic about that “lucky break”.

Newsflash: I am yet to hear of a single success story as far as randoms approaching models via Facebook is concerned… I’ve heard of rape and murder, but no Vogue covers.

Mind you, Vogue is not the sort of magazine these girls seem to aim for anyway. Instead, they choose to spend Daddy’s money to look like Playboy bunnies or FHM Honeys or whatever they call sex objects nowadays.

Excuse me, dear reader, while I shed a tear for Feminism.

I have written about my bafflement with women’s participation in the pornography industry before, and wish to add that though I still don’t understand it, at least this vehicle provides some financial empowerment.

I have also been told that many women participating in first world sex work do so willingly, and after reading A Hot Night In Joon (http://ahotnightinjoon.com/tales-from-the-strip-club/ ), I gained some insights into this world. Read Jooni – she’s honest. She’s funny. She happens to work in a Strip Club.

That said, the Fakebook girls are not like this. In fact, they are paying to be objectified.

Photographer? R5000.

New lingerie? R2000.

Losing your dignity? Priceless.

 And then they brag about it, too.

Don’t they realise how ridiculous it sounds when they brag about the Bradley/Martin/Jones Shoot – oh so lah di dah – only to have the pictures appear nowhere but their own pages?

And don’t they realise how desperate it looks to spam 1000 strangers – and about 200 disgruntled real-life acquaintances – with their bedroom faces?

Like so many attempts at attention-seeking, this ultimately backfires by attracting the wrong kind of attention. Don’t these FauxHM models realise that no man wants to marry a girl who seems to be for sale?

I wish they would realise that there is infinitely more beauty (and class!) in simplicity and a smile…

If any of them are reading this – don’t be offended. I may be a complete ignoramus when it comes to ideas of attractiveness and your reasons for the posting the pictures. If so, please do comment and enlighten me.

If I’m right, then realise this: Those pictures look ridiculous. But you are not a ridiculous person – you’re an intelligent woman with so much more to offer than cleavage. Plus, you’re seriously confident – I wouldn’t strip down and arch myself like that if you paid me. You’re hot. People will notice this even with your clothes on. So stop being cheap about it and sharing yourself with everyone. Delete those pics, and post the real ones – the slightly red-faced from laughter and wearing your favourite old tracksuit ones – instead.

Coz you know what? The people who matter will still think you’re gorgeous. Even when you look like this:


2 Responses to “If you’re paying for your photos, you’re not a real model.”

  1. Juniper June 4, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    Amen sister! And a super humble thank you for the shout out and the compliment. I especially loved seeing Marilyn alongside the post as I read. Totally poignant. A real beauty, a real talent, who was paid to be her sexy self. And I’ve never heard of anyone getting ‘discovered’ on Facebook either!

    • caroerasmus June 5, 2012 at 8:58 am #

      It was my utmost pleasure – really do enjoy your blog :).

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