3 reasons you should watch Pocahontas again

12 Jan



 One thing I love about our movie channels’ repeat-repeat schedule is that they’ve made room for some good, old-fashioned Disney.

The current pick is Pocahontas. Here are 3 reasons to catch it pretty much any time on channels 103 through 107.

1. Oh my soul – the songs!

Not to sound like an old woman, but they really don’t make kids’ films the way they used to. Nemo may be cute – and now he’s cute in 3D! – but don’t tell me he taught you any life lessons worth singing about.  Having a mildly retarded character repeatedly bob around telling you to just keep swimming cannot possibly compare to the songs in Pocahontas.

Instead of simply telling kids to blindly just keep on keeping on, the old school Disney is about so much more. They’re about bravery, integrity, love. To boot, the songs are well-written and always sung by a character you want to admire rather than own a soft toy of.

Assuming you haven’t watched Pocahontas recently – again, it’s on repeat all the time – a short recap of the most inspiring life-lesson lyrics:

You think the only people who are people, are people who look and think like you.

But we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends

Life lessons: Tolerance / anti-arrogance / acceptance / open mindedness / That tree in Avatar meets the Rainbow nation!

You can own the earth, but still

All you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind

Something us rat-racers need to take careful note of… Accumulating Stuff can never replace the miracle of appreciating the vast richness that God has freely given us in Nature, and in our own souls.  Pity how our workaholic, status-hungry and show-offy culture makes it almost impossible to (make time to) see value in the small things.

2. Best pet characters ever

Percy the pug: Probably the gayest dog ever drawn to life, Percy wears shower caps in the bath and eats treats wrapped in perfect purple bows. If real life pugs weren’t so gross, I’d get one and make it gay like Percy.


Meiko the racoon: I love fat animals. Especially when they stuff their cheeks with biscuits and wave at people.

Percy meets Meiko: Slapstick hilarity that the Aristocats and Lady and Tramp are just too dignified for. Gay Percy chases fat Meiko. Fat Meiko runs into a hollow log. Gay Percy follows. Log becomes forest monster with head of racoon and legs of dog. (I admit – my sense of humour can be childish).


3. Remember your kid self

Pocahontas has been my second favourite Disney princess since I can remember. I could never stand Snow White or Cinderella. The only one I prefered to Pocahontas is Beauty and the Beast’s Belle.

The princesses that Little Kid Me admired were the independent ones who sang about travel and adventure – and happened to find a man to love instead. 

Almost prophetic how that’s exactly where I’d find myself 2 decades on – happily coupled up instead of being the single-girl jet setter I thought I’d be.

Though life seems to have a tendency to turn out different yet somehow better, revisiting those stories that inspired and validated you as a child brings back parts of your  psyche that real-world worries and mundanity have quashed.

It reminds you to find a way to stop simply digging for gold when you (and your man – yay!) should be – excuse this lame ending – painting with the colours of the wind.









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